Do you know the place between sleep and awake?

"Der Mensch hat dreierlei Wege klug zu handeln. Durch Nachdenken ist der Edelste. Durch Nachahmen ist der einfachste und durch Erfahrung der Bitterste."

- Konfuzius (via all-out-without-you)




I tried so hard to scroll past this. I really did.

damn it Radio 2

I just learned a new method for business.

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"I really enjoy spending time with you, even if we’re just going to be sitting around and talking about nothing. There are a million things I love about you, like your nose or the way you smile, the way you look me in the eye, too. And I just get the greatest feeling when I make you laugh. I feel as if my company makes you happy, and that’s what I wish for you. For you to be happy. And when I see you laugh at my clumsy ways, it just makes me want to spend the rest of my life with you so I can see a smile on your face."

- Daily Tumblr Love Quotes (via thelovewhisperer)

(via thelovewhisperer)